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What is the difference between street address and lot number? 

Street address is used for Emergency Services and 911, USPS and deliveries.  The numbers are combined with the street name to provide logical order for finding a residence.

Lot numbers are unique to each property (no other lot on Frye will have the same number) and are used for tax purposes, golf cart registrations, and a few other services.

My mail does not seem to be getting delivered.. who do I contact?

For all letters and normal USPS mail, please contact the Raymond Postmaster.  

For package deliveries from UPS and Fedex these vendors mark delivered when they have been dropped off with the Town on the mainland.   Please note they will be delivered the following morning to the island mail room.   Make sure your Owner Profile information is up to date to receive text message or email notification of island delivery.  For any urgent deliveries (ex:  medication on ice), contact the town office ahead of delivery.

Why do some cars seem to jump in front of line at the ferry?

These vehicles are town employees who commute from and live off island.

Does the town have an official social media page?

No.  For notices an information please refer to the website and sign up for the official email list (link on home page).  The Frye Island News Service (FINS) is released on Fridays during the season and contains up to date news and information.  It is available in print at the ferry landing and on island by the mail room.   It is also posted online.  If you have further questions please email the Town Office at office@fryeislandtown.org