Thanks from Public Safety Services (Sheriff, FIFD and EMS)

Post date: Oct 14, 2018 8:15:18 PM

 Deputy, Howard L. Brown     , 207-893-2810,

Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, Patrol Division

We would like to thank all of you that have welcomed us in your homes, boats and invited us to share in your celebrations.  I personally am grateful to the islanders who have accepted my Terri and made her second year on the island memorable.  It has been a pleasure serving this community and we hope to see you next year.  Be safe, have a great fall and winter.



Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Volunteer Fire Department this year by donating refundable bottles and cans at the Transfer Station!  In the last few years, your donations to the Fire Department:

2014 - $930                 2015 - $1,600              2016 - $1,400              2017 - $1,100              2018 - $2,000, estimated, the most we’ve ever gotten!  Your generosity has allowed us to provide the community hot dog lunch every year and buy things for the Fire Department, including an escape ladder for the 2nd floor, a large step ladder for use in the Fire Barn, a Sensit gas detector and a hand truck to transport the generator from the truck to the emergency scene.  Have a great winter!


Frye Island EMS

Our new power stretcher has been received and put into service on the rescue.  This power stretcher will help the EMS and ambulance drivers load and unload patients with less stress on their backs making it safer for our patients.  Our thanks to all the islanders who donated to this cause and the Public Safety Committee for promoting it.  A huge thank you to Reba Orszag and Pat Karpacz who organized the stretcher fund raising!