Island opens with new website and calendars

Post date: Apr 26, 2017 2:6:15 AM

This winter all the employees and volunteers for recreation, fitness center frye's leap cafe and general store, town office and leisure lounge and golf moved all the events on the island to our new online Google calendars.  Calendars contain the latest details on events from the cost for activities at the Recreation Center, to the hours the ferry and town dump are open, special events at Frye's Leap Cafe and Leisure Lounge.  Respective calendar owners are enabled to update the calendar from their mobile device, so that when weather cancels capture the flag, you will know as the title changes to ---CANCELLED

From the Calendar page you can add 1 or more of the 6 sub calendars to your personal Google calendar using the +Google Calendar, and then use Google Calendar app on iPhone or Android to view them.  Or simplest of all if you are on island and just want to know the hours of something open

Big thanks to our photographers: Sandy Storer, Angela Swift, Colleen Mars. I also want to thank Mike Torra for all his assistance and for being the unsung hero for the last few years maintaining the website and doing the updates to get content out to people.  

We are taking an approach of integrating modern Google platform, starting on the home page and Golf site so the town office staff and department heads can easily update the web site with no web master required.  The calendars are a key part of this as the Google Calendars basically create a mini page for each event to get details out.

The existing site has great content(town charter, ordinances, history), that we need to maintain so we are taking the approach of keeping the existing site, while creating new content on the Google Sites platform..  Existing/old site can be accessed as, and the new site links to a lot of that content directly.  Our original web site builders did a great job creating it and Mike Torra and I can't possibly duplicate that in a short period of time, nor do we think we should as the site works well.  As content is updated some pages will move over to the new site.  We have deployed Google Analytics to see what pages people use constantly to make educated decisions about what content we move to the new platform and make sure is updated.

These changes are a journey and we would appreciate your input and feedback.  Try out the changes and please share your feedback and suggestions using this form:  Website Feedback