Rain, Roads and Beaches

Post date: Aug 08, 2018 4:5:3 PM

Check out the Town Manager comments on our unusual rain fall amounts and the impact on our roads and beaches (click on title)

"It’s been a busy week, and we’re probably all looking forward to another enjoyable if less eventful weekend.

Storm:  As we all know, last Friday evening Frye Island received about 4.5 inches of rain in under 4 hours, with significant wind gusts.  That amount of rainfall in that time is extraordinary, and the runoff did widespread damage to our roads and beaches in making its way to the lake.  The island was without power for several hours, and although power was restored late in the evening, CMP subcontractors worked through the night replacing a broken pole and transformer.  Our thanks to the Frye Island Fire and EMS Departments and the many individuals who volunteered and worked through much of the evening in unpleasant conditions doing whatever was asked to help keep the island safe.  I also want to acknowledge ferry captain Dave Woolley and mate Ferris Florman, who stayed on duty through the night to bring the CMP crews to and from the island.  It was an impressive storm and, all things considered, the island fared pretty well, thanks once again to the efforts of the dedicated staff and volunteers who continue to step up when needed.   


Roads:  Eric Berube, Bob Flynn and others mobilized on Saturday and Sunday, and have worked through most of this week so far with the help of Ed Dionne to repair the damage to the roadways.  They have done an extraordinary amount of work in a short time and deserve our appreciation for their initiative, dedication and effort.   Although much has been done, restoring the roads and improving storm water management will be an ongoing process.  If you have a driveway culvert you can help by making sure it’s open, and by raking any debris from the roadside ditch that might impede water flow.


Beaches:  The beaches obviously comprise a major pathway for runoff.  The erosion that occurred on Beach 6, Beach 5 and elsewhere is a recurring event.  We will repair the damage from this storm under the appropriate permits as soon as practical given the demand on the beaches.  We will also start to undertake measures based on the input of experts to keep it from happening in the future.  This could involve some extensive work on runoff channels and detention areas.  More on this as it develops."