Renting or Having Guests - Post the Safety Flyer!

Post date: Jul 08, 2018 8:41:18 PM

Laminated Public Safety Flyers are available in the Town Hall for you to post in your cottage. 

The following is a Public Safety Flyer that the Public Safety Committee put together. There are some laminated copies located in the office for you to post in your cottage. 

Frye Island Public Safety Information 


Our 9-1-1 calls are dispatched by the Cumberland County Dispatch Center. Frye Island and Raymond Fire and EMS will be automatically dispatched as well as the ferry for any fire or medical emergency. All owners and visitors need to know their E911 address (blue and silver # sign) at the front of each property to identify where they are located in the event of an emergency. 


Dispatch: non-emergency # 207-893-2810 

FI CCSO Sheriff: Deputy Howard Brown 

EMS Director: Cathy Gosselin 

Fire Chief: Robert Boyd 


Raymond RediCare 1278 Roosevelt Trail (Rte 302) in Raymond 207-655-6181 

Mercy Primary Care 409 Roosevelt Trail (Rte 302) in Windham 207-400-8600 

Bridgton Hospital 10 Hospital Dr off South High St in Bridgton 207-647-6000 

Maine Medical Center 22 Bramhall Street in Portland 207-662-0111 

Mercy Hospital 144 State Street in Portland 207-879-3000 

SPEED LIMIT ON ISLAND is 20 MPH on all roads and is strictly enforced! 

GOLF CART OPERATION - All golf cart operation must meet the following: (1) All golf carts have to be registered and insured the same as any motor vehicle. (2) Have lot number displayed at the rear of the golf cart. (3) All OPERATORS OF GOLF CARTS MUST HAVE A VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE. (4) Golf carts that are operated after dark must have lights on. Please be considerate and pull over to allow passenger vehicles to go around your cart. 

NO OPEN BURNING ALLOWED ON THE ISLAND - In order to help prevent a fire related disaster, outdoor wood fires must be contained in a screened enclosure designed for that use, such as a covered fire pit or chiminea with a covering screen. The device must stand on sand, dirt or patio type material such as pavers or crushed stone, in a wide-open area to prevent any spread of fire. The fire pit must be continuously monitored by an adult and a fire extinguisher, charged hose or bucket of water must be nearby. Please help keep the Island safe from fires. 

ALCOHOL IN PUBLIC PLACES - Frye Island takes safety and the consideration of others very seriously. Act responsibly and in compliance with State law when consuming alcohol. Remember, drinking and driving do not mix! 

DOGS ON BEACHES & LEASHES - Please be considerate of all the people using the beaches. By town ordinance dogs are not allowed on the beaches between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Town ordinance also requires that dogs be “under control” at all times. This means they must be on a leash. Also, please clean up after your pet. 

VIAL OF LIFE - Holds your medical info including illnesses and medications for EMS personnel. Please contact Cathy Gosselin at her email address to have a vial completed for you or a family member with health issues. 


Owners may be held responsible for any dangerous actions by their renters!