Mooring Field

Update 6/4/20. Need a spot for your boat?

Town of Frye Island is proceeding with installing a limited number of moorings this spring, currently 10 moorings off long beach marina. Currently 7 of the 10 moorings are already taken!

If you are on the marina slip waiting list, and didn’t got a spot this year, this is the easiest way for you to have a spot for your boat this year. Town Moorings will have access to rowboat dinghy, dock for you to come in and pickup your passengers, and ample parking and restrooms at Long beach. Town will deal with all the annual maintenance, divers, putting balls in and out. You just show up and use your boat.

Mooring season rental are $485, with a one time fee of $100 for the mooring pennant (rope attaching the boat to the ball).

Please use Mooring Field Signup Form To sign up and get your check in now. Only signups with received checks before construction starts will receive a mooring. Town Mooring field is scheduled to be complete in mid June.

Why a town mooring is better then dropping your own mooring

  1. Mooring in a proper location, no worrying about dropping a mooring too close to someone else's boat or too close to private property.

  2. Mooring installed correctly for the conditions.

  3. You never have to hire a diver.

    1. No worrying about getting the chain/ball on each season when the ice takes away your pickup stick

    2. You don't have to pay a diver to remove the mooring gear from the bottom, if you decide you no longer want the mooring.

    3. No worrying about when the chain has to be replaced, Town diver inspects them each year and replaces regularly.

    4. No scrambling from a kayak up into your boat. No kayak/canoe/dinghy to store or haul down to the beach.

    5. Town mooring field has a dock for pickup/drop off and provided dinghy.

    6. Most people only use a mooring until they get a slip. If you are on the waiting list already, renting a mooring for 1-3 years can be cheaper then buying, servicing and removing your own mooring.

    7. Parking and restrooms at the town mooring field.

Update 3/16/20:

Early this spring we plan to have a field of 20 moorings installed off Long Beach to be offered for rent to island residents. In addition, a dock will be installed for loading and unloading and two dinghies will be provided for access to the moorings. The rental fee this season will be $485. The town will provide the pennant (rope attaching the boat to the ball) from the contractor at an additional one-time cost of $100. All of the components of the mooring except the pennant will be maintained by the town. This will include annual inspections, replacement of components as necessary, and removal and storage of the mooring balls, access dock and dinghies. Any worn or defective pennants will be replaced at the owner’s cost. Until May 21 preference will be given to anyone who was on the waiting list for a boat slip as of island close. If you are on the waiting list and become eligible for a slip when assignments are made, you will have the option of taking the available slip. Your mooring fee will be applied to the slip rental.

Background Proposal:

Town of Frye Island is evaluating multiple options to increase boating access. The town is considering creating a town owned and maintained mooring field off Long Beach.

Documents presented at the last two Executive Committee Meetings are below. Town is running a survey of Yacht Club Wait list and Town Residents over the next two weeks.