Community Center Renovations

What comes to mind when you think of the Community Center?

Candy Bar Squares, Movie Night, Mahjongg, Library, Book Club, Day Camp, Ceramic painting, Teen/Game Room, Toddler Play, Square Dance, Art Show, Magic Show, Garden Club, Historical Society, Recreation Committee, FII, Frye’t Fest, Town Meeting, Bingo, July 4 Road Race, Pickleball Dance, Tie Dye shirts, Family Gatherings, Weddings, Golf Cart Parade, Scavenger Hunt, Chapel, Fitness Center

Our goal is to make the community center a safe and comfortable environment for you, your children and grandchildren so we can continue to create fun experiences and memories. Over the past two years, we have made major repairs and improvements to the building. Heat and air conditioning, new flooring, updated electrical work, and chimney removal have all been completed.  We installed a lift to provide access to the second floor and built a badly needed storage addition. 

The value of the work completed thus far is $196,240.00. The actual cost to the Town of Frye Island was $103,190.00. Fellow islanders donated labor and materials totaling $93,050.00! Without the generosity of those donors, the project would not be as far along as it is. 

If the project is to continue, we need your help. The next phase of the project includes new windows and doors, access control, lighting, siding, and balcony renovation. The total cost of this phase is $153,000. So far, we have received donations of material, equipment and labor of $34,000.00. We are seeking $119,000.00 in donations for this phase.

Our most immediate need is to raise $45,000.00 by the end of February so we can order windows, doors and siding in time to be installed this summer.  We have contractors willing to donate their time for installation. Let’s not miss this opportunity to complete the updates so our center can continue to be a safe and comfortable venue for our community. 

Please help any way you can. No gift is too small. All donors will be recognized on a donor appreciation wall at the community center.

All donations are tax deductible. Securities accepted. Donations should be made out to Town of Frye Island - Community Center Project.

Town of Frye Island, 1 Sunset Rd., Frye Island, Maine 04071

If you have any questions please contact,, (mary jo saunders)