From 10/13/23 FINS:

Ferry: The last Ferry run for this season will be 9 PM Wednesday, November 1st


Ferry CardsThere has been a long-standing policy that pictures of ferry EZ-ride cards on a mobile device should not

be presented for passage in lieu of the card itself, for the reasons mentioned in the several communications on that subject. This is an advance notice that as of island opening next year, if the physical card is not presented, the EZ-ride card (“owner”) price will not apply, and the full “street” price will have to be paid by cash, check or credit card.

Refunds will not be made for the difference. Displays of issued tickets as electronic files on mobile devices will be accepted as always. Photographs of paper tickets may not be, because of variable resolution.

Ferry Tickets:  Another reminder that any tickets issued on property owner Ferry accounts that are unused as of island close will be retired during the off-season and the value will be refunded to the accounts on which they were purchased.

This means that paper tickets issued this year will not be valid next year. Any holders of these tickets who would not receive Town communications should be informed that new tickets will have to be issued. Holders of tickets issued on “Office” (non-owner) accounts should not be affected. You can also refund any unused tickets yourself at any time via your ferry account. You’ll receive a notification when tickets for the 2024 season can be issued from ferry accounts.

Frye Island Ferry - 7 Ferry Landing Road, Raymond, Maine 04071

Frye Island Ferry Safety and Operating Procedures:

• Follow all instructions of the Ferry staff and crew during all phases of ferry use including ticketing, boarding, while on-board or disembarking, and while in the environs of the ferry operation.

• Do not board or disembark from the ferry unless directed by the Ferry crew

• When on board:

o Automatic transmissions in “Park”

o Parking bake engaged

o Engine off

o Remain in vehicle

• No open alcohol allowed during any phase of ferry use

• No cell phone use during boarding or disembarking

• Use courtesy in interactions with staff and other passengers

• Address disputes to the Ferry Supervisor or Town Manager, outside the ferry operating environment.