Frye Island is located on Sebago Lake, the second largest lake in Maine.  Many residents and visitors utilize Sebago for power watercraft, sailing, kayak, and other maritime activities.

Sebago Lake Boating Forecast

Maine Boating Laws

    Did you know?  According to Maine State Law, "you may not operate a watercraft at greater than 'headway speed' while within 200 feet of any shoreline, including islands"?

Sebago Lake Marine Map

Maine Fishing Laws

    A fishing license is required for anyone 16 years and older.  They may be purchased at New Town Hall.

Sebago Lake Facts

Town Boating Facilities:

Additional Information

Frye Island, ME has boating facilities available to Cottage Owners, subject to deed restrictions that restrict these facilities to cottage owners, renters of cottages and their respective guests.

Property Owners do you have a boat?

Renters, are you bringing a boat?

Sebago Lake is the main water resource for 1/6th of Maine's residents.  There is no bodily contact permitted within two miles from the Portland Water District station as shown on the map to the left.  Boating in this zone should be limited to direct passage to and from the Standish boat launch only.

All motorized watercraft on inland waters must display the lake and river protection sticker ("Preserve Maine Waters" sticker). The lake and river protection sticker is also referred to as a "Milfoil" sticker.   (for more information on milfoil, read here: Invasive Milfoil Information)