Private Treatment Pricing

Resident BTM Spray Program Pricing


Tier Pricing:

- $300 (avg. lot / light activity)

- $450 (large lot / moderate/heavy activity)

- $750 (3/4+ acre lot)

*town paid for treatment of all trees 50+ ft up driveway in

2022. Residents are responsible for ENTIRE property in 2023 (included in


Lot Size Estimate Map 


Browntail Moth Spray Treatment:

- Application of residual pesticide with high-powered (Truck/UTV

Mounted) mist blower to all accessible infested trees on entire

lot, along driveways, along sides, and back yard areas of

resident properties to control Browntail Moth caterpillars.

*If there are infested trees that cannot be reached by our

sprays or they are within 50ft. of the water, they will be


- Using a high-powered mist blower technology, Pine State Pest

Solutions can effectively reach and treat the crowns of trees up

to 75-85ft where BTM caterpillar nests are most commonly

found. The mist application evenly coats the entire tree,

branches, and leaves, providing the most effective application

and minimizing product usage/waste

Resident BTM Injection Pricing (only for trees within 50 feet of waterfront)


Tier Pricing*:

$350 (1-2 trees)**

$550 (3-4 trees)**

$750 (5-6 trees)**

$950 (7+ trees)**

*per lot


Browntail Moth Caterpillar Trunk Injection. (ACE-jet ONLY):

- Includes WATERFRONT PROPERTIES w/ BTM infested trees

within 50' of high-water line or inaccessible with Truck/UTV

mounted sprayers

- Injection of ACE-jet systematic pesticide into the base of

affected trees for a quick knockdown (2-5 days) of actively

feeding BTM caterpillars. (45 day residual)

** Includes trunk spraying of neighboring trees and ground

spraying around areas under injected tree and neighboring

trees with backpack mist blower or backpack pump sprayer to

target any BTM caterpillars that fall or are blown from trees

early spring.


Lot Size Estimate Map 

Resident Sprays/Injections will be be assessed at Owner's request.

Upon request, Pine State Pest will need the Owner's Name, Home address, Phone #, and email. After each property is assessed, we will email EACH OWNER a report and, if treatment is recommended, a quote for treatment based on the tiers provided.

If quote is accepted/signed, a credit card will be required and CHARGED PRIOR TO TREATMENT. Once treatment is completed, the Owner will receive a comprehensive and detailed service report of each lot, application method, product applied, product usage, and number of trees (for injection).


***IMPORTANT***: A vast majority of properties on Frye Island have lots that will be considered Waterfront or NON-Waterfront and therefore will ONLY NEED an additional Spray OR Injection, NOT BOTH. 

However, there are a few exceptions (ie. Emerald Point Dr.) where the lots are large enough where BOTH an additional spray AND tree injection are necessary to effectively treat infestations on the property. In these cases, there will be a flat charge for spraying AND injections. (example: $350 for avg. lot spray + $300 for 1-2 injected trees = $650 total)

Please email with any questions.

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