Annual Meetings and Election

Post date: Sep 08, 2018 11:27:33 AM

Once again, I (Bill Braun, Town Manager) want to acknowledge the sense of respect, goodwill and community spirit that prevailed during the meetings last weekend, and is generally characteristic of Frye Island’s culture.  Approximately 211 BIT members, including 54 registered Town Voters attended the Annual Meeting on Saturday for approval of the budget and the election of officials.  In case you are not otherwise aware, results of the elections were as follows:


Board of Selectmen (3-year term):  John Boyd

Board of Island Trustees Executive Committee (3-year term): Mike Saunders

Board of Island Trustees Executive Committee (1-year term): Alan Ross


The several qualified and well-meaning individuals who offered to spend time and energy on our behalf by running for office deserve our respect and appreciation for their interest and willingness to contribute.


The financial statements reviewed at the annual Frye Island Inc. shareholders meeting are available on the website in Public Documents/Frye Island Inc.