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EXISTING private mooring permits on record from 2022 have been emailed the 2023 invoices.  The link to the payment portal for 2023 is at the bottom of the sent email.  After clicking the link, please scroll to "Make A Payment" under the "Actions" section to view the invoice.  To pay online, there is a "Click To Pay" button at the top of the invoice.  Payments through the online invoice are preferred but are also payable at the Town Office by cash or check (no surcharge).  Please note:

- The deadline for payment of fees is May 1. 

- The Excom has established a $200 fine for any existing moorings that remain unregistered/unpaid by May 13 (including any back payments owed from 2022).

Each registered mooring will be issued a permit sticker to be picked up at the office with instructions for attachment to the mooring buoy.  If you have any questions or need help completing the online payment please contact harbormaster@fryeislandtown.org.  We are happy to help.

"Unapproved moorings" or new applications are not currently subject to invoicing.  This includes crowded areas still undergoing review such as the Beach 6 Cove.

NEW MOORINGS:  Registration applications for NEW moorings will be processed in May, and are therefore not subject to the payment deadlines.  If you wish to register a new mooring in 2023, please visit the "Mooring Application" tab under the "Actions" section or contact the Harbormaster.

Looking forward to another great summer.

Wayne Hingston

Town of Frye Island


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