Calling all beach 6 regulars! Cleanup Sat 8-12 AM

Post date: May 17, 2018 5:29:46 PM

Calling all Beach 6 regulars!  Rain is not forecasted to start until 2 PM.

Come down this Saturday from 8-noon to help with finish off the Beach 6 restoration project.  

DPW has been busy this week and did the initial cleanup pass of the beach, and has been bringing down mulch.

We need volunteers to help layout the stone edging to hold the mulch in place, smooth rake the mulch out and lay down paver stones.  On a following weekend blue berry bushes will be planted.  FINS article on the site plan and some pictures of the DPW work done so far this week.

FINS Article:

Beach 6 Restoration Project – Call for Volunteers on May 19th


The Conservation Commission began an assessment of erosion and beach damage on the island last season, and through multiple meetings with input from Executive Committee and other town committee has developed plans to prevent further erosion and redirect runoff to protect our beaches.  Grant proposals to Portland Water District(PWD) resulting in three grants awards.  For the next 3 years one grant of $2,000 will be funded by PWD and matched by the town in labor and materials.  Conservation Commission completed asSite plan review and site walk on May 5th and has sample materials of the stone edging and pavers for viewingThe site has been flagged to show the proposed areas.  Site Plan documents can be found on the town website in Public Documents->Conservation Commission.  DPW is going to regrade the left side parking lot and deliver natural Frye Island erosion control mulch over the next week.


 On May 19th, at 8 - Noon will be a beach 6 Cleanup.  Volunteers are needed to rake the beach, remove leaves and branches, and cleanup brush/overgrowth along the edge of the parlking lots.  We will install stone edging around the edge of areas and spread mulch to protect our shade trees roots.  Paver paths will be placed across the mulch as shown.  On a following weekend we will be planting low height blue berry bushes in the center area and installing a drip water system.


Questions or to sign-up to volunteer: Email:

Tools to bring: hard and soft rakes, wheel barrow, gloves, closed toed shoes.