Annual Meeting and Elections - September 1st

Post date: Aug 10, 2018 5:0:12 PM

Annual Meetings:  The combined Annual Meeting of the Board of Island Trustees (BIT) and Annual Town

Meeting will occur on Saturday, September 1st this year as a result of a charter amendment passed last year.  This is the annual forum in which officials are elected and the budget and other matters of importance to the Town are put to a vote.  These concurrent meetings will be held immediately following the annual meeting of Frye Island Inc. (FII), which will begin at 9:00 AM.


As a reminder:  FII is the holding company for certain Island assets including the beaches, roads, pool and the Community Center.  All property owners are shareholders in FII, with one vote per property.  In order to conduct its business, FII needs shareholder participation, either in person at the meeting or by proxy.  Information on FII proxy voting is below in this document.  The BIT is comprised of all cottage owners, with two votes per residence.  Town Meeting members are BIT members who are registered Town of Frye Island voters.  By state law, certain matters must be decided by a vote of Town Meeting (registered voters), but by long-standing practice the BIT votes on most of these issues to provide for participation by all residents.


Elections: This year there is one seat (of 3) on the Board of Selectmen and one seat (of 4) on the BIT Executive Committee open.  The elections for these positions will occur at the combined Annual Meeting.  These are important roles that can have significant impact on the character and conduct of the island.  If you are interested in serving in one of these posts, please fill out a Frye Island Volunteer Form, and send a brief statement of your qualifications and basis for your interest in the position to  To serve as a Selectman, you must be a registered Town of Frye Island voter.  To serve on the BIT Executive Committee, you must be a member of the BIT.