Conservation Commission

Q.  Why are we here on Frye Island?  There must be some very good reasons why we have homes on a piece of land with only part-time accessibility by ferry. The gorgeous Lake is not the only reason.  The environment and the resulting “feeling” that we experience undoubtedly play a significant role.  If this is true, then we should all care about keeping it the way that it is, in spite of the continuous developmental stresses.

The natural beauty of the Island is the result of the forests and the tree canopy, plus the variety of the terrain i.e. beaches, wetlands, lagoons, swamps, vernal pools, large blocks of conservation areas with high value habitat and undeveloped conservation lots. Also, the abundant plant growth and frequent bird and other wildlife sightings add to the enjoyment. For example, on one short guided trail walk the group saw deer, grouse, rabbit and fox. Recently, I saw a wild turkey and in the past, owls and eagles have been sighted. .


When human actions alter, or diminish our natural surroundings, they often damage or destroy habitat. Habitat is the place where a plant or animal lives, it includes everything they need to survive and reproduce. A few examples on Frye Island are deer in the “back nine” of the golf course and the numerous birds in the cove near Quail Circle and at the end of the causeway behind Long Beach.

How can you help? You can help by avoiding straight paths to the Lake and minimizing the time bare soil is exposed to rain run-off during, and after, construction or landscaping. Also, by planting shrubs and trees between your property and any water to create a buffer that will filter out pollutants that are the result of erosion. You can “adopt” one, or more, roads, trails or beaches by picking up leaves, brush and/or trash

Most of us have chosen to come to Frye Island because of the rich environment and landscape of trees, lake, beaches and plant and animal life. So, let’s keep it that way.

A.  We all should care and act accordingly.

Ed Charrette

Conservation Commission

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