Job Openings  (updated 5/22/2023)

Financial Administrator

Job Description Link & Contact:  Financial Administrator

Ferry Mates:

Seeking ferry mates who can work for the entire operating season: April 28 – November 1,

including some night and weekend shifts. Anyone interested should please contact Karen Spring, Ferry Supervisor at:

karen.spring@fryeislandtown.org. You must be over 17 to apply.

DPW Staff:  Once again, we’re seeking employees to operate the transfer station and to help with the many DPW tasks

that are so important to our quality of life on the island. If you are interested, please contact

john.gardner@fryeslandtown.org. We have a large and growing number of tasks on the list this year to maintain our

infrastructure and keep the island operating, and we’re looking forward to getting started.


 Currently full.

Please email Mike.anson@fryeislandtown.org for job descriptions