Island Status

Post date: Apr 21, 2019 9:58:6 PM

We had a late start and some uncooperative weather, but are still expecting to open on schedule.  Thanks again to Dave Bond, Todd Voltz and Tim McCarthy for their help in filling the water distribution lines at the end of last week.  At this point  the only prospective impediment to opening will be the condition of the roads.  As of today, the roads are almost, but still not completely, clear of snow and ice.  They are still formally closed because the melting snow, frequent rain and thawing ground have kept them soft and highly susceptible to rutting and potholes with vehicle traffic.  We’re working on the roads as much as possible under the wet conditions, and we’re hopeful that despite the forecast of showers during much of the coming week, we’ll be able to get them in good enough shape to open on Friday, with some possible detours around very mushy segments.  If the situation changes we’ll let you know by email and website announcement ASAP.  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone back for another season.