Mailing Addresses

Post date: Oct 02, 2018 11:59:42 PM

We’ve been informed that the Postal Service must now use E-911 addresses system-wide, including Frye Island.  This means that starting next spring, your Frye Island mailing address will be your E-911 address (number and road) instead of your lot number.  USPS District personnel are presently matching present lot number addresses to new 911 addresses for entry into the national database, so your lot number address should continue to work for some period of time. However, if you forward your mail seasonally to Frye Island, next year you should use your E-911 address as the forwarding address.  If you use Frye Island as your permanent mailing address and forward your mail elsewhere in the off-season, you will ultimately have to change your mailing address in the same way as if you had moved.