Transfer Station Procedures

Transfer Station - aerial view


  • Flow of traffic is one way, entering from Independence Way and exiting onto South Beach Rd

  • Place recyclables in the compactor on your left (#1 on map). No plastic bags. The list of recyclable items is posted. If you separate out your deposits, please place in a box/bag next to or in the barrels. Please flatten all cardboard before placing in the compactor.

  • Please place household trash in closed plastic bags in the compactor on your right (#2 on map).

  • Please place styrofoam in closed plastic bags in the household waste compactor (#2 on map).

  • The open-top debris containers (#5 on map) are mainly for bulky household waste, and are not intended for demolition or construction debris. Please be aware of the Town Building Permit ordinance which requires a container or other on-site means of disposal for construction debris.

  • If you have questions, please see the Transfer Station staff, who will help you and collect any fees required.

1) Recyclables and Cardboard Compactor

2) Trash Compactor

3) Metal dumpster and Appliances( Fees apply)

4) Fire Department Bottle Donation Center

5) Construction Dumpster ( Fees apply)

6) Leaf drop off

7) Brush Drop off ( Fees apply)