Board of Selectmen & Executive Committee

Board of Selectmen
  • Sara Lewis (9/2/23 - 9/3/24) [Chair]

  • Dave Wagner (9/3/22 - 9/6/25) 

  • Scott McKee (9/2/23 - 9/1/26)

Executive Committee
  • Mike Saunders (9/1/21 - 9/3/24)

  • Jeff Kaplan (9/3/22 - 9/6/25)

  • Jay Nardone (9/2/23 - 9/1/26)

  • Timothy McCarthy (9/2/23 - 9/1/26) [Chair]

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About the BOS/Excomm

The Town was established by Charter, approved by the Maine Legislature, in 1998. The Frye Island Town Charter is the governing document for of Frye Island. Frye Island is unique in that it has three  volunteer Selectmen (the BOS) who are elected by those islanders’ declaring residency, plus an additional four volunteer Representatives of the Board of Island Trustees (BIT). The BIT is made up of island homeowners regardless of their declared residency.

Some governance functions must be done only by the Selectmen under State Law. However, most issues are debated and voted upon by the seven Executive Committee members made up by the three Selectmen and four BIT Representatives. The idea is to have the Executive Committee to have broad representation in policy making activities when serving as the Town’s legislative and policy making body.

This dual structure is reflected in the annual Town Meeting when the BIT will vote on many matters first followed by a vote of the town residents. The Board of Selectmen hires the Town Manager with input from the entire Executive Committee. The Town Manager hires and manages all town employees and oversees the operation of the various town departments. The Executive Committee also establishes, sets goals, and oversees various committees made up of volunteers to delegate selected Executive Committee functions.