Harbormaster & Moorings

Note:  The Frye Island Harbormaster oversees all private moorings located within 200' of Frye Island shoreline.  Click here for information on Marina Slips and Town Mooring Field  managed by the Town Office.

Announcement - 3/18/24 Updated 4/9/24

The town is switching to a different vendor for private mooring management with the aim to improve user and admin interface.  This will most likely come with an adjustment period for all and patience on both ends as we all adjust, but we appreciate your understanding and hope this serves everyone better in the long run.

2024 Permit Renewals

Residents with EXISTING private mooring permits on record from 2023 have been emailed a link for renewal applications on the Online Mooring platform in early April from alerts [at] onlinemooring.com.  Please note that all residents will be required to review and submit the application information in the new system for each renewal to confirm accuracy of data transferred from the old system. Instructions for how to process your renewal are included in the email and found at the bottom of this page.

- The deadline for payment of fees is May 11th. 

- The Excom has established a $200 fine for any existing moorings that remain unregistered/unpaid by May 25th

Each registered mooring will be issued a 2024 permit tag to be picked up at the office with instructions for attachment to the mooring buoy.  Tags will be issued only after payment is received.  If you have any questions or need help completing the online payment please contact harbormaster [at] fryeislandtown.org.  We are happy to help.

New applications 

New applications will not begin being processed until May and therefore are not subject to the payment deadlines posted above for renewals.  An application is subject to approval by the harbormaster.   Payment will be required before the mooring tag is issued.  

Waterfront owners should select "shorefront" as the mooring location if they wish to place a mooring in this zone.  For public access locations, please choose from the remaining options.  Please note, certain locations are full (such as Beach 6), but you may select multiple choices and the harbormaster is happy to work with you to find the best option or wait-list desired.

New Registrations


Looking forward to another great summer.

Wayne Hingston

Town of Frye Island

harbormaster [at] fryeislandtown.org ()


Renewal Instructions:

Step #1 - Access your online renewal application(s)

- Click the Renew button next to your application in the email you received. (Note: If you have multiple moorings you will need to renew each registration individually).  If you have not received an email, please access your renewal here or contact harbormaster [at] fryeislandtown.org for assistance.

Step #2 - Complete your renewal application(s)

- Complete the application form.  Only fields with an asterick are required.

- Once completed be sure to click "Next"

Step #3 - Pay for your renewals
- On the completion page, select a payment method (online credit card or "Offline" at Town Office cash/check/mailed check)
- Note: If you have multiple moorings you will need to to complete each renewal individually. After selecting your payment option and clicking next you will be redirected to a landing page.  Scroll down to see all renewals in the system and continue from there.  If you wish to pay online by credit card, please select "Add to Cart" for each renewal and then pay from the landing page at the end.

Step #4- Place mooring tag

- After payment, please pick up your 2024 mooring tag at the Town Office and attach to your mooring(s)