Fire Department

Maine Willdfire Danger Report

Emergencies dial 911.  Please use street address.

  • Fire Chief- fire [at] fryeislandtown.orgg
  • Fire Barn (207) 655-8618

No Open Burning Allowed on the Island

 Frye Island Outdoor Burning Ordinance

  • In order to help prevent a fire related disaster, outdoor wood fires must be contained in a screened enclosure designed for that use, such as a covered fire pit or chiminea with a covering screen.
  • The device must stand on sand, dirt or patio type material such as pavers or crushed stone, in a wide-open area to prevent any spread of fire.
  • The fire pit must be continuously monitored by an adult and a fire extinguisher, charged hose or bucket of water must be nearby.
  • Please help keep the Island safe from fires.