Ferry Accounts (EZ Ride)

Ferry Accounts – EXISTING

Please ensure that there are enough funds in your account before arriving at the Frye Island Ferry line. You can replenish your account online https://ferry.fryeisland.com/ using either your checking account information or a credit card. In addition, please verify your account numbers for your automatic bank account withdrawals and automatic credit card deposits to your ferry account. Many people change/close their accounts through the winter and do not realize that they have not updated their ferry account. A fee is automatically charged for insufficient funds or inaccurate account information. You can also mail a check to the office to replenish your account or place a check in the drop box.

Ferry Accounts - NEW

Please email or visit the office if you are a new property owner (have not received a tax bill from Frye Island) and attach your closing documents. We will email you the application (applications if you need more than 1 EZ-Ride card for other family members) which you need to complete and send back. We will create your account and provide you instructions on accessing your account. Once logged in you will need to deposit an initial $150.00 to the account. Your deposit to your account can be made by entering your checking account routing and account number or using a credit card number. Please note there is a 3% fee to use a credit card to deposit funds in your ferry account. You can also set up an automatic replenishment for your ferry account once you have logged in. When you have deposited money in the account you can download and print tickets to come across on the ferry. Please call the office when you come across so we can produce your EZ-Ride card(s) and have them ready for you.  We DO NOT mail the EZ-Ride Cards.