Harbormaster & Moorings

Private Moorings:

An email was sent out via our mooring administration system with a personal log-in link that you can use to start the registration process for any moorings you may have. If you want to register a mooring and did not receive that email, or had trouble opening the personal log-in link, please go to: fryeislandme.lynxlog.com. Use the “Register New Account” tab at the top and fill in the required information on the subsequent page. You should immediately receive an email with a link to apply for a mooring registration. On the landing page for that link, select “Permits| Licenses| Mooring Applications”. Follow the subsequent steps to apply for a mooring registration. There should be a link to directions for the process, and they will also be accessible on the website. Please note that that you will not receive an invoice to pay for your registration until the application has been approved by the Harbormaster.

The approval process will not start until after May 16. Remember that only moorings that were in place at the end of last season are eligible for registration as of now. As mentioned last week, these moorings already exist, so the order of registration is of no consequence, and there is no race to register ahead of others.