Off Season Use

Policy on Use of Ferry when the Island is Officially Closed

The ferry is for the exclusive use of Island employees or designated representatives before the Island opens and after the Island closes, with the following exceptions:

    • If an issue of public health or safety arises, the Island Manager is empowered to authorize the use of the ferry to assist in resolving the public health or safety issue.

    • A five-day period before the official opening of the Island and after the official closing of the Island will be available to people opening or closing cottages for the season. During those periods no services will be provided on the Island, including but not limited to the availability of the public water system. The following rules apply to those pre-opening and post-closing periods:

    • The ferry will run only twice per day, once early in the morning and once late in the afternoon. Exact times will be determined by the Island Manager.

    • No pedestrian traffic will be allowed on the ferry.

    • Vehicle traffic will be limited to vehicles no larger than a pickup truck, and no supplies can be transported to the Island other than the minor tools and equipment needed to open and close cottages.

    • The cost of using the ferry will be $60 per vehicle per day. Recommended form of payment is by check; if cash is used, exact change is required.

    • All individuals coming across on the ferry must sign a statement of responsibility indicating that they are responsible for any damage done on the Island and that they cannot hold the Island liable for any problems arising.

Note: Approved by Executive Committee 12/3/2011