The Town clerk posts updates to the Ordinances in Public Documents here and they are listed below for your convenience:

For a full list of Town ordinances please review

Town Ordinances:

101. Land Use
Land Use(above) has been modified by the following ordinances adopted at Town Meeting:
2019.08.31 Camping Ordinance
2019.08.31 Sign Ordinance
2019.08.31 Surveys
2019.08.31 Tree Cutting.pdf
The Growth Management Ordinance was rescinded at the 9/2/06 Town Meeting.
102. Shoreland Zoning is now incorporated into 101-Article III
103. Use of Firearms ( PDF)
104. Use of Traps (PDF)
105. Golf Carts (PDF)
106. Utility Vehicles (PDF)
All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) - REPEALLED (Previous Version)
at Town Meeting 10/9/04, WA12 (PDF)
107. Mopeds, Motor Driven Cycles, Motorized Bicycles or Tricycles and Motorcycles (PDF)
108. Flood Plain Management is now incorporated into
101-Article IV
109. Solid Waste Rules and Regulations (PDF) --- Transfer Station Fee Structure
110. Tax Acquired Property (PDF)
111. Ferry Ramp (PDF)
112. Home Numbering Requirement (PDF)
113. Impact Fee Ordinance (PDF)
114. Civil Emergency Management and Preparedness (PDF)
115. Building Permit Ordinance (PDF)
116. Parking Ordinance (PDF)
117 Dog Control Ordinance (PDF) Updated Dog Control Ordinance 10/2016
118. Beaches Ordinance (PDF) Updated Community Beaches 8/31/2019
119 Fireworks Ordinance (PDF)
120 Water Ban Ordinance (PDF)
Regulate Parking of Motorized Vehicles,
Trailers & Apparatus on Town Roads

Historical Archive of all town Ordinances are http://archive.fryeisland.com/tdocs.htm#ordinances

The town is in the process of moving all the ordinances and updates to a new platform. It is the responsibility of the home owner or building permit applicant to review all the ordinances or contact the code enforcement officer or town office if they have questions.