FAQ-Mooring Field

Q: Is the town proposing to regulate existing Moorings around the island?

A: No, this proposal is specifically dealing with a supply based solution to increase boating access to the lake by providing mooring that will be installed and maintained by the town at a reasonable cost. Separately the planning board has been looking at a mooring ordinance that may regulate in the future, but this proposal is about creating a solution first.

Q: What will the cost of renting a mooring for a season be?

A: Between $300-$500 depending on the final decision of the executive committee on the ROI and payback period they desire and relative to pricing of other existing town marina slips.

Q: What happens to my existing Mooring near Long beach Marina.

A: Town will work to locate the new field to minimize impact to existing moorings off long beach.

Q: Does the town creating a mooring field off long beach marina mean the Marina expansion is on hold or impacted?

A: No, the prospect of expanding the marina continues to being investigated in parallel, but is a multi-year complicated project that requires significant more town resources and time.

Q: Does taking a spot on Mooring field impact Marina Wait list?

A: No, Mooring field is an alternative, but taking a mooring does not obligate you to it long term or remove you from the Marina wait list.

Q: How does Mooring relate the the Yacht Club/Marina Wait list?

A: Both Marina and Mooring field would be administered by the town. If you take a Mooring the town would collect your subsequent years initiation fees just like for a slip. You remain on the Marina Slip waiting list.

Q: Won't creating a mooring field off long beach marina ruin the view?

A: Long Beach currently has many moorings off it and there is no process, coordination or limit to anyone from dropping a mooring today. So the view is being impacted and all the beach's are being over loaded with many row boats/etc. This proposal would organize the new moorings in this area under town administration and provide shared rowboats, landing dock etc to minimize the impact and guarantee all the moorings are installed at proper distances, with proper gear.

Q: Would these boats have to be moved off the new mooring during fireworks?

A: This was discussed at meetings and revisions were made to start and place as many of the moorings as possible outside the firework exclusion zone. The final design may be 3-4 rows of moorings outside the fireworks zone.

More questions: Pease email mooring-field@fryeislandtown.org