No discharge of Firearms & No Fireworks on Frye Island by Law!

EMS questions

What should I do in case of a medical emergency? After ferry hours?

  • Call 911 in case of serious emergency. EMS services are provided on island 24/7.

Am I allowed to have a campfire?

  • NO OPEN BURNING ALLOWED ON THE ISLAND - In order to help prevent a fire related disaster, outdoor wood fires must be contained in a screened enclosure designed for that use, such as a covered fire pit or chiminea with a covering screen. The device must stand on sand, dirt or patio type material such as pavers or crushed stone, in a wide-open area to prevent any spread of fire. The fire pit must be continuously monitored by an adult and a fire extinguisher, charged hose or bucket of water must be nearby. Please help keep the Island safe from fires. Due to our remote location, fire remains one of the bigger emergency threats to the island. There is a volunteer department on Frye with Raymond Fire also responding to calls.

How do I receive mail and packages?

  • Use your E-911 Street Number (# sign located at the front of your property) and Road as your full address for any mail or packages being delivered. ex: "8 Fairway Lane, Frye Island, ME 04071"

  • A key to the mail room can be obtained by property owners at Town Hall (cost is $25)

  • General mail will be sorted into PO box (if owned), or sorted by last name in the drop box.

  • Packages sent to the island are dropped off on the mainland and transported to the island by volunteers once per day. Please be aware of when your packages are due for arrival so we can help keep enough space in the mail room.

How do I get a spot for my boat at Long Beach Marina or Quail Circle?

What are the beach rules?

How does trash and re-cycle work?

What are the rules with Golf Carts?

    • Contact the town office to understand the full rules with insurance and motor vehicle registration.

    • Drivers must have a valid driver's license or appropriate permit to drive on Frye Island roadways.

Is there an ATM on island?

  • Yes, located at the General Store.

Where can I find a copy of Island Maps?

  • Maps can be found online here or at Town Hall.

Is there an official town facebook page?

  • No. At this time all facebook pages in conjunction with the name Frye Island are independently run and not monitored by the town or town officials. Any comments, questions, or concerns (including clarification of information) should be brought to the attention of the staff in person at Town Hall, through email (office@fryeislandtown.org), or at appropriate public meetings.

Why do some cars seem to cut in line at the ferries?

  • Certain vehicles are given priority. These include Emergency vehicles and town employees who commute to/from the island for work.

  • Depending on the size and spacing of the vehicles on the ferry, the captain may choose to have certain vehicles load in a certain order to help maintain safety.