Garden Club

Frye Island has a very active Garden Club and we very much welcome new members. Our Garden Club meets monthly during the prime season (June – Sept) and focuses on beautification, education and social activities and events.


Garden Club members develop and maintain multiple garden areas around the island, including

  • Beach 6 planters

  • Ferry Landing Gardens

  • Fairy Gardens and Wildflower area

  • Town Hall

  • Community Center

Starting in June and ending in Sept, we schedule 1-2 cleanups per month. Please check our calendar and join and join us for an hour or two to plant, mulch, weed, prune etc. We also provide community service certificates to any of teens who volunteer to assist us!


The Garden club hosts monthly meetings that, in addition to planning our activities, always include some aspect of education. Topics may be quite diverse and have ranged from specific plants, organic gardening, hydroponic gardening, pests and diseases, etc. In addition, we organize specific events targeted to education and plan field trips to explore gardens and nurseries. If you have specialized knowledge of any aspect of gardening, we would be interested in having you as a guest speaker at one of our events. And we welcome suggestions for unique destinations that are suitable for a field trip.

Events and Activities

Our Club encourages gardeners to share their love of gardening through several events and activities. While the actual calendar of events may vary from season to season, typical events include:

  • Annual Memorial Day weekend Plant sale

  • Field trips to other gardens or places of interest to gardeners

  • Children’s events such as the Fairy Building Contest and Butterflies & Beesees and Pollinator session.

  • House and Garden tours

  • Welcome pots for new residents

  • Farm to table luncheon in collaboration with the Community Garden members and the Fryes Frye’s Leap Café.

Please keep an eye on our calendar and join us!

Stay in touch

We have an active Facebook site (Frye Island Garden Club) and invite you to join the site to stay in touch with all our activities. You may also get more information and join our email distribution list by sending an email request to our President or Secretary, or any of our officers, with the emails listed below.


  • President: Mary Ann Daley

  • Vice President: Agnes Leonard

  • Treasurer: Erin McLeod

  • Secretary: Kathleen Heming (

  • Programs: Roxy Olmstead, Anne Rogers ( Linda Sullo

  • Hospitality: Marijane Helbick and Helen McKee