2022 BTM Mitigation Program

Update (5/6/22):

Brown Tail Moth Treatments: As noted last week, Pine State Pest Control conducted the planned Island-wide Brown Tail Moth assessment and remediation between April 6 and opening day. Following is a summary of what was done:

Survey Statistics: Number (Percent)

Survey Emails Sent: 849

Surveys Opened 630 (74%)

Surveys Completed 337 (54%)

Consent to Town Spray 327 (97%)

Refuse Town Spray 10 (3%)

Consent to private Spray 284 (85%)

Decline Private Spray 41 (12%)

Consent to Private Injection(s) 235 (70%)

Decline Private Injections 99 (30%)

Treatment Statistics: Number (Percent)

Properties Assessed 576

Properties Sprayed in Town Program 406 (71%)

Properties with Additional Private Spray 159 (39%)

Properties with Trees Injected 79 (17%)

Private Trees Injected 236

Town Trees Injected 88

Properties that needed treatment but declined/did not respond to survey: 117

Pre-season Information:

Property Owners have received an email from town.survey@fryeislandtown.org which allows you to consent to spraying of infested trees near your property as part Town-paid brown-tail moth mitigation program, and also to sign up for private-pay treatment of infested trees on your property that cannot be treated by the town-wide spray program. Please check your email account, including your spam or junk mail folders for the survey message. The survey contains 4 questions and takes less than a minute to complete, but it’s important to understand the explanatory information preceding the questions.

The goal of the program is to act as a community to treat as many infested trees as possible, to limit the impact of the infestation on health and quality of life, as well as on trees, island-wide.

The elements of the program and the pricing structure for any additional treatments needed on private property are detailed in the survey introduction, and are attached to this email. Other documents that might be informative are attached here as well.

Some notes on filling out the survey:

  • It’s important to complete all the questions including the agreement information in Question 4. Otherwise, any other elections you have made will not apply.

  • If you do not complete all the questions, or ignore the survey, you will opt in by default to the Town-wide spraying program as outlined, but will not have the opportunity to have other trees on your property treated on the discounted per-lot fixed price schedule.

  • Question 1:

  • If you select NO you will not have the option for any spraying of infested trees on your property in this program. You will still have the option to pay for injection (Question 3).

(Note that according to the law (attached), if trees that would be treated by the Town by spraying need treatment by other means because of your non-consent, you could be responsible for paying any cost difference.)

  • If you select YES, you consent to town-conducted spraying of trees near your property, and then have the option to have other trees on your property treated by spraying if they need it, and spraying is feasible.

As we all know, this mitigation program is an important initiative for the well-being of the Island, and everyone’s participation is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

Brown Tail Moth Mitigation Program Overview 3-31-2022

Frye Island Resident BTM Treatment Program - 2022


Bill Braun

Town Manager & Island Operations Director

Town of Frye Island

1 Sunset Road

Frye Island, ME 04071